How many treatments do I need ?

Typically, new clients who come for Bowen Therapy for the first time will have had their problem for a while, and will have built up chronic compensatory patterns.

It could take a couple of sessions before they feel a difference, and 4-6 sessions to get close to resolution.

And how often ?

Bowen Therapy prompts the body to change and adjust for a few days after treatment.

Optimal follow-up treatment is about a week. This allows the body to adjust, but catch the body’s compensatory patterns before they return.

Once the body is starting to hold, then the time between treatments starts to be extended.

Some clients like to have maintenance sessions, every month or two. Many don’t always feel like their body is too “out of whack” until they get off the table and realise how great they feel again. It’s a little like the “frog in the pot” analogy, getting used to something not quite right as being normal. On the flipside, I have a number of clients who feel like they’re out, and make an appointment before things get too bad. The body has great muscle memory once it knows what “good shape” is, and a single treatment is usually enough to prompt a return.

What should I wear ?

Loose, light clothing is best.  I’ll want to feel what’s going on, be able to make gentle moves on you, and move some limbs about.

Jeans are a bit thick, and the “skins” style of yoga pants tend to be slippery.

Stretchy track pants and a tshirt are great (even bring your pyjama pants !)

What happens during treatment ?

Bowen Therapy is likely to be different to other treatments you’ve had in the past. Click here to read what happens in a Bowen Therapy treatment.

What should or shouldn’t I do after ?

  • Drink plenty of water. 
  • Stay mobile – light walks or yoga will help your body.
  • Skip heavy gym work outs, weights sessions or longer/faster runs for a few days while your body is settling. 
  • Avoid extremes of hot or cold, such a scalding-hot showers or ice packs.
  • Don’t go get a massage – let the body finish it’s work, without intervention.

The cost ?

Each treatment for adults costs $110, with the option of a pre-paid package of 3 for $300.

Children under 16 are $50 if the child of a current client, or $80 if not the child of a client.

Payment is by card, cash or bank transfer.  Gift vouchers are also available (contact for details).

Can I claim on my private health insurance ?

Unfortunately this is no longer possible.

I believe that Bowen is a very affordable treatment option, as most people require less treatments versus many other modalities.

Mobility issues ?

My treatment table is extra wide with motorised raise and lower) to make life easier once in the treatment room.

There are three small steps to get into the treatment room. If the bathroom is needed, it’s approx 15 metre walk with 5 (full-sized) steps.

If you feel that Bowen will benefit you, but access is an issue, contact me to negotiate treatment at home. The cost per treatment will depend on location, parking/access, timing versus other offsite treatments, and number of treatments being committed to and paid for in advance. Note that all home-treatments must be paid for prior to treatment. Some clients have also been able to claim through their NDIS.