helping chronic back, neck and shoulder pain

Simply Bowen Therapy is dedicated to helping people improve their mobility and live a life free from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain.

Most people discover Simply Bowen Therapy after they’ve “tried everything”.

They’ve usually tried multiple therapies, probably with most of the work focussing on the location where they feel pain. The results may be short lived, or no relief is felt at all.

Sound familiar ?

Simply Bowen Therapy takes a “whole person” approach

Bowen Therapy is a holistic treatment, designed to bring the body into balance, in a gentle but targeted way.

It is different to many other pain management therapies. The entire body is treated, not only the site of pain.

Gentle moves in specific locations, punctuated by pauses to allow the body to react, are typical of a Bowen Therapy treatment.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right – somewhere in the body

Simply Bowen Therapy is unique among therapists in Sydney, using an assessment-based approach, rather than purely treating symptoms.

A range of assessments help identify patterns in your body, to be able to target key restrictions that result in musculoskeletal asymmetry. These restrictions are often not where the pain is !

For many clients, treating a neck restriction is often key to resolving lower back pain…. or helping realignment in the pelvic area improves a neck or shoulder restriction !

8 benefits of Bowen Therapy

balance & stability

feel more steady with body and pelvis more level, feet evenly weighted on the ground

improved posture

remove the restrictions that pull your body away from good posture

increased mobility

move more freely, with less resistance

greater flexibility

bend and stretch further and more easily, with less restrictions to hold you back

relief from pain

when the body is in alignment, with less tension and pulls, areas of pain can begin to subside

calmer mood

gentle moves prompt a shift toward a rest/digest, parasympathetic state

healthier body function

regain optimal function of the central nervous system, influence the vagus nerve

better sleep

help reset the parasympathetic nervous system to prompt better sleep