Lisa’s journey with Bowen Therapy began nearly 20 years ago – from first experiencing the therapy and the results she felt, through learning the therapy, and then seeing the great results on others as a Bowen therapist.


Discovering Bowen

Lisa first discovered Bowen Therapy following a minor car accident. Doctors tried to tell her that she didn’t have neck pain. Giving up on conventional medical treatment, a colleague recommended that Lisa try Bowen Therapy. It worked, not only for Lisa’s neck, but also with overall body alignment and posture.

Over the years, Bowen Therapy became Lisa’s treatment of choice. While she used it to improve posture from working in front of computers all day, Bowen was also key for addressing sporting injuries. Regular Bowen ensured Lisa’s body was in the best shape it could be for long hikes on Kokoda Track, Mt Kilimanjaro and Iceland’s Laugavegur Trail.

Learning Bowen

When preparing to hike Kilimanjaro, Lisa was getting regular Bowen. After one particular session where her body felt a big shift, she remembered thinking “I’m going to learn this one day.”

Returning from hiking the Laugavegur trail the realisation hit that she no longer had a “career”, but a job she didn’t enjoy – it was time. Weekends were spent on course or completing assessments. Weekday evenings involved treating friends and contacts. Eventually she was qualified. And quit.

Continuing learning

Since then, she has completed her Diploma, as well as Specialised Procedures, and too many other courses to list. Most recently, she has qualified in Emmett Technique. Her way of working, assessing and targeting dysfunction, follows the Importance of Symmetry methodology.

Lisa is a member of the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australasia (BTFA).

Lisa likes…

With a love of hiking and the outdoors, Lisa enjoys helping people move without pain or injury. Not just for people who want to do long distance hikes or runs, but people who might just want to be able to walk to the shop. Lisa may be that person you see looking at other’s feet and knees on the train, or watching how people walk along the road near her coffee shop.

When Lisa’s not helping clients, she’ll often be found bushwalking, knitting, fixing her old house, or wrangling a couple of energetic kittens.

(PS. I promise I’ll be showered and in “normal” clothes when you see me – not my hiking gear like in the photo !)