Neck restriction ?

What can I do at home to help ?

Sometimes, at the end of treatment, I’ll check how my client’s still has some neck restriction – if it still doesn’t turn easily to one side, I’ll often do these moves.

If I think it will help my clients between sessions, I show them how to do themselves.

These videos will show you when to do the moves, how to do the first moves near the collar bone, how to do the second moves behind the ear, and how to put them together. This can help give some relief to your neck restriction at home.

Unsure if you’re doing them “right” ? Don’t stress ! Doing them near-enough with good intent goes a long way – you’ll usually find you can turn your head more easily. Remind me to review with you when you see me next !

They’re not going to solve all your neck issues, but can give a little help when needed – especially at the end of a long day in front of a screen.

the moves near the collarbone:

the moves behind the ear:

putting them both together !

A few notes to add:

These moves help the sternocleidomastoid muscle, which connects the collar bone to a point on the skull behind the ear.

These moves won’t help all neck restriction problems, but I always smile as client’s heads turn further.

For longer-term help with neck restrictions, a comprehensive assessment and treatment really is needed. This means that the body’s restrictions are treated, to bring the spine and body back to balance.  It may seem incredible to some, but I’ve seen many a person who can’t turn their head until work is done to free their tailbone…