winter and cold weather is coming – simply bowen therapy is here to help…

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It’s finally starting to get cold !

With winter comes colds and flu… Bowen helps boost the immune system by helping calm the nervous system, as well as lessen the impact if you’re unlucky enough the catch a cold… Focusing on the lungs can help a chesty cough, while working on the upper respiratory system can help throat and sinus problems… if you’re not contagious, then come on in !

Some people also struggle more with their asthma in cold, dry weather.  If that sounds like you or someone you know, then try Bowen Therapy for asthma !  A few treatments usually helps settle most people’s asthma, with some homework between treatments – practicing a move that you can do yourself – on yourself or on friends.  (It’s a move that’s also great for people who struggle with anxiety, helping to settle breathing and tight chest).

Don’t forget that even though the weather is cooler, drinking water is still really important.  I was surprised to read recently that 75% of the weight of the upper part of the body is supported by the water stored in the 5th lumbar disc core – stay hydrated to help your lower back feel good and strong.

For me, winter is the time to get outdoors hiking – warm up the body, keep the legs moving, fresh air in the lungs… there’s currently plans for south coast, blue mountains, and more… to see some beautiful parts of Australia, head over to the facebook page for photos…

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