5 types of headache that Bowen Therapy can help

Nearly everyone will experience a headache during their lifetime.  For many, medication can quickly resolve the problem, especially when headaches are only occasional.  For some, the headaches are more frequent or chronic, and reliance on…
anxiety bowen therapy

Anxiety - more than just feeling stressed

Anxiety - more than just feeling stressed Anxiety can be a normal response to a real or imagined threat.  Most people have stress or anxious feelings when they’re in a situation where they feel under pressure.  It can be helpful to enable…
stress bowen therapy

stress - when everyday stress becomes chronic, Bowen can help

Stress - an everyday problem Stress is the natural way your body responds to a demand or threat.  When you feel threatened in some way, your body is designed to respond through physiological changes - your body’s way to protect you - until…