knee pain

knee pain - 6 problems that Bowen Therapy helps

Despite knee pain being a common problem among clients, it somehow rarely managed attention in any of my writing. Knee pain that clients arrive with has been highly varied.  For some it’s sharp knee pain, others dull aches.  For some…
basketball bowen therapy

basketball - hoops and tight hips

Last weekend, I helped out at the local Police and Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) annual 3 on 3 basketball competition.  Players and spectators were able to receive complementary Bowen treatments. It was a great day !  Lots of talented kids,…
sport performance run bowen therapy

sport performance - finding an “edge”, your personal best

  A couple of weeks ago, the Marrickville Police and Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) asked if I’d return to support their kids sport program - their annual 3 on 3 basketball competition. Of course I said I would - last year’s event was…