frozen shoulder pain

Frozen shoulder - like sharp shards piercing the shoulder

Frozen shoulder can be a very painful and disabling condition The shoulder becomes increasingly stiff.  Shoulder movement becomes restricted.  Even simple movements such as fastening a bra or tucking a shirt into trousers become difficult…
neck pain evolution computer hunch

neck pain... a pain in the desk !

Neck pain and the computer hunch Your days are spent at a desk, behind a computer, peering at the screen.  Before that it was staring into a phone screen on the train.  Or slumped behind the wheel of a car.  By mid-afternoon, the neck pain…
injury management nurture enhance

Injury management - why manage when you can lead !

Most of us thrive when our minds are engaged and inspired - so why do we treat our bodies differently when it comes to injury management ?   Many who know me know that I haven’t always been a Bowen Therapist.  After cooking for…