tennis elbow tennis player

tennis elbow… help to relieve pain (even if you don’t play tennis)

Tennis elbow is one of the most common elbow injuries people experience - even for those who don’t play tennis !  In fact, statistics indicate that only 5% of people who have tennis elbow actually play tennis. Tennis elbow is generally…
bowen maintenance

3 reasons to try regular maintenance Bowen Therapy

After helping clients to resolve a health problem, many ask - how do I stay feeling this way ?  The answer is maintenance Bowen Therapy on some frequency. Some clients have chronic health problems that can never completely go away. …
hip replacement good hips MRI

Hip replacement – how to really help recovery and regain normal life

A while back, when seeing another health professional for my hip ache, I was told was that I’d likely need a hip replacement when I’m older. My hip was painful after trying to run. A few assessments were done, and I was told that I had…

no, not there… it’s not sore there… my pain is here !

One of my clients had pointed to where the pain was in her back and side soon after arrival.  A chat and a number of assessments later, I felt that I had a good clue where the body wasn’t sitting right. I started with my first moves, the…
plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis – a pain in the heel

There’s a facebook group that I’m a member of that’s all about hiking and bushwalking in Australia.  All sorts of things are discussed, questions asked… places, packs, sleeping bags, boots… Recently the topic of plantar fasciitis…
multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis – Bowen can help the many symptoms

My first introduction to Bowen Therapy was through a work colleague who had multiple sclerosis. I’d had a minor car accident, resulting in an aching neck from whiplash that doctors weren’t interested in. Seeing me in pain, my colleague…
basketball bowen therapy

basketball – hoops and tight hips

Last weekend, I helped out at the local Police and Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) annual 3 on 3 basketball competition.  Players and spectators were able to receive complementary Bowen treatments. It was a great day !  Lots of talented kids,…
fascia mesh sculpture

Fascia – I’ve got you under my skin !

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog about nerve receptors at work in Bowen treatment.  Many of those nerve receptors reside just under the skin in the layers of fascia.  I was tempted to delve into fascia at the time, but it's a subject so…
sport performance run bowen therapy

sport performance – finding an “edge”, your personal best

  A couple of weeks ago, the Marrickville Police and Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) asked if I’d return to support their kids sport program - their annual 3 on 3 basketball competition. Of course I said I would - last year’s event was…
stress bowen therapy

stress – when everyday stress becomes chronic, Bowen can help

Stress - an everyday problem Stress is the natural way your body responds to a demand or threat.  When you feel threatened in some way, your body is designed to respond through physiological changes - your body’s way to protect you - until…
iliotibial band ITB syndrome runners knee

Iliotibial Band Syndrome – runner’s knee (or, in my case, hiker’s knee)

Iliotibial Band Syndrome - runner’s knee (or, in my case, hiker’s knee) Over the past couple of months, I’ve noticed many clients who’ve had tight iliotibial bands (ITB’s).  They’ve usually come to see me for other reasons - like…
bulging disc discs flat back straight spine

Bulging discs – a problem of the straight spine…

Bulging discs, tight hamstrings and lower back pain - the problems of flat back posture As an avid follower of Core Walking’s blog posts, I used to chuckle at all these people he saw with pelvic tuck !  It was the opposite of many of the…
lower back pain chair sitting

lower back pain – the sitting disease

Lower back pain - the sitting disease Constantly sitting.  Everywhere sitting.  Sitting for breakfast.  Sitting in the car or train to work.  Sitting at a desk all day, except when sitting in more meetings.  Sitting for dinner.  Sitting…
neck pain evolution computer hunch

neck pain… a pain in the desk !

Neck pain and the computer hunch Your days are spent at a desk, behind a computer, peering at the screen.  Before that it was staring into a phone screen on the train.  Or slumped behind the wheel of a car.  By mid-afternoon, the neck pain…
injury management nurture enhance

Injury management – why manage when you can lead !

Most of us thrive when our minds are engaged and inspired - so why do we treat our bodies differently when it comes to injury management ?   Many who know me know that I haven’t always been a Bowen Therapist.  After cooking for…

winter news – simply bowen therapy is here to help

winter and cold weather is coming - simply bowen therapy is here to help... read simply bowen therapy's winter news to learn about about helping colds, discount packages, how to make the most of your Bowen treatment, and a delicious, easy…
asthma bowen therapy alternative

Asthma – yes, Bowen Therapy can help !

With back burning happening around Sydney last month and the high amount of smoke in the air, a number of clients commented that their chest feels tight.  Many were concerned about their asthma. Most are surprised to know that Bowen Therapy…
bowen therapy post treatment care water walk wait

make the most of your Bowen Therapy treatment

Are you jumping off the table thinking everything’s great ?  all done ?  let’s get on with what I was doing before ? Or perhaps you were wondering what did I just pay for ?  I don’t feel anything ! The magic of Bowen is not just…
water bowen therapy post treatment care

want best results from Bowen treatment ? drink water !

People can survive without food for weeks or even months, but without water for only a few days. All our organs, including the brain, rely on water to function properly. We simply can’t live without it. And Bowen practitioners rely on clients drinking plenty of water in the days after treatment for them to get the best results.
walk bowen therapy post treatment care

keep walking – make the most of your Bowen treatment

The second in a series of the "3 W's" for post-Bowen care, taking a light walk each day and staying mobile is one of the key recommendations to make the most of your Bowen treatment.
wait bowen therapy post treatment care

“wait a week” – your body will thank you

“bowen is not designed to make you instantly feel better, it is designed to make you instantly heal better” Bowen moves give the body triggers to begin a healing process, that can continue for days after the treatment.
sciatica piriformis bowen therapy

Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome

Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome have similar symptoms - pain that radiates through the buttock and down the back of the leg - but the underlying cause is different. Bowen Therapy can help give relief to both.
health insurance bowen therapy research

private health insurance for Bowen Therapy

Many private health insurance funds cover bowen therapy in their extras packages. Your receipt from simply bowen therapy can be used to claim against your health fund.