bowen maintenance

After helping clients to resolve a health problem, many ask – how do I stay feeling this way ?  The answer is maintenance Bowen Therapy on some frequency.

Some clients have chronic health problems that can never completely go away.  Regular maintenance Bowen Therapy helps keep the symptoms of that chronic issue at bay.

Sometimes the actions that cause the pain is something that people can’t or don’t want to give up.  A tight back from driving or sitting – but that’s their job.  A love of doing sports – but the body suffers as a result.  Regular maintenance Bowen Therapy can help life go on happily.

It’s common to not realise how achy something was until it’s not.  Regular maintenance Bowen Therapy can help everyone feel their best.

A little like servicing your car, maintenance Bowen Therapy helps bodies with a tune-up before they splutter, stall or completely break down.

shoulder bowen

Maintenance Bowen for chronic problems

Some health problems simply can’t be fully resolved (or can’t be repaired without surgery).

A chronic illness won’t suddenly cure.  A bulging disc won’t un-bulge.  A torn muscle won’t completely un-tear.  

For these types of problems, maintenance Bowen on some frequency is key.  Help manage symptoms of the chronic problem.  Help life continue with reduced pain and discomfort.

One example of how this helps is one of my clients who has a history of back pain.  He first came to see me with sciatic pain, the result of a known herniated disc.  A few initial treatments, a week apart, had his body return to a level of balance.  The disc remains herniated (and always will), but the sciatic pain subsided and the tight back felt relaxed.  To ensure he doesn’t return to that painful state, maintenance Bowen is now helping keep him in balance, not let that herniated disc cause a problem.

Another of my regulars has full muscle tears in a number of his rotator cuff muscles.  This shoulder is in constant use as part of his job, and taking months out for surgery to repair simply wasn’t an option.  I still recall our first sessions, the shoulder sitting at such “interesting” angles, some muscles so hard to move as they compensated for others.  Maintenance Bowen is still keeping him from surgery for now, and able to work without pain.  He’s even swimming a couple of km a week !

sinusitis bowen neck

Maintenance Bowen when you can’t change the cause

For many people, Bowen Therapy can help relieve their pain, improve their posture and make things right again.  To keep their body that way, some may need to learn to do things differently.  Stand on both feet, avoid sitting with crossed legs, sit better at their desk, learn to breathe with their diaphragm…

But some clients admit that some of the things they need to do differently, they just can’t change.  Or aren’t prepared to put in the effort required to maintain the benefits.  For these people, maintenance Bowen on some frequency helps keep the aches at bay.

One of my regulars consistently has tight neck and shoulders.  Her body feels great in the time after treatment, but the aches return with a little time.  A job that requires hours sitting at a computer and a history of shallow chest breathing isn’t going to change.  The things that cause the aches can’t change, but the maintenance Bowen can help her feel great.

Another loves his boot camps and boxing.  But, his back doesn’t always like what he does.  Once the initial pain was addressed, maintenance Bowen helped keep the back from going into that painful place again – while keeping doing what he loves.

Bowen lower back

Maintenance Bowen to stay in best shape

Some clients know that something doesn’t quite feel right, but it’s often only after treatment that they realised what right felt like.  

It’s a little like that frog in the boiling water analogy.  Throw the frog in boiling water, it will know it’s in danger and do something to escape.  But if the frog is in tepid water that’s slowly heated, it won’t notice (well, until it gets uncomfortably warm).  The body is often a little like that – slowly moving toward that painful place, the small changes not noticed, until things are pretty bad and it’s properly noticed.  Address the problems before they get really bad, before concentrated treatment is needed.

Others who come regularly love to go through my usual assessments of how the body is holding itself.  How is the pelvis sitting ? What about neck and shoulders ?  Sometimes it’s relief and reassurance that their body is holding the previous work, so just a tune-up to keep it that way.  Other times there’s thankfulness that we’re picking up the body’s pulls before they cause too many problems.

One of my regulars came for maintenance Bowen for disc problems.  He didn’t feel too bad, but wanted to continue with his maintenance.  Jumping off the table and walking around after treatment, he let out an exclamation.  “Oh my goodness, I didn’t realise how tight my back had become now that it’s feels so good !”

Another had come looking for help with a knee problem, but noted that something in her body didn’t feel right.  After treatment, unstated pelvic floor issues felt better.  It was only after it felt right again that she realised something was wrong.  Maintenance Bowen will help keep those not-quite-right problems feeling right again.

knee pain bowen gastrocnemius bakers cyst

Maintenance Bowen as a reminder to the body

Most people can’t go straight into a maintenance phase until the initial problem gets to a good place.

In the initial phase of treatment, some bodies feel like they’re in a bit of a fighting phase.  The body changes in the days after a Bowen treatment, usually in a good way.  Then the body’s old compensations may start to kick back in.  It sometimes feels like two steps forward, one step back.  Next treatment, usually about a week later, aims to catch the body before it pulls itself back to where it started.  

With a number of regular initial treatments, the body is able to stay in its good place for much longer.  Extending the time between treatments is the plan, assessing how well the body is feeling before and after next treatments.  That “sweet spot” will soon be found, where that little reminder to the body is enough to keep it feeling good for longer.  That may be 2 weeks for a few clients, monthly for most, or even 2-monthly for some.