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many people are unsure what to expect when they first try bowen therapy… here are some of my most frequently asked Bowen Therapy questions:

is bowen therapy safe ?

with no force or manipulation, bowen therapy is safe for all.
in fact, the very gentle touch makes it suitable for babies, the elderly, even people with acute injuries.

how many treatments do i need ?

– as every body is different, there is no definitive number of sessions.
– on average, most people see results within three weekly sessions, while chronic problems will take longer
– many people benefit from maintenance sessions after the problem is resolved, to keep their body in great shape and prevent the problem from returning.  The time between maintenance sessions varies from person to person.

how long is a treatment ?

– the first session may take up to 1.5 hours, as additional time is taken to understand your situation, take a detailed history and conduct assessments.
– subsequent treatments take up to an hour.

how much is a session ?

– single sessions cost $100
– 3 treatment passes are available for $270 (valid 6 months)
– school aged children (under 15years) cost $80
– payment is accepted by cash, bank transfer and major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Amex) – however eftpos cards without Visa/MasterCard don’t work)

can i claim my treatment ?

– from 1 April 2019, Bowen can no longer be claimed on private health insurance… please feel free to contact the government to complain…

what should i wear ?

bowen therapy can be done directly on skin (with towels) or through light clothing.
– if you choose to be treated directly on skin, modest underwear is recommended.
– if you choose to be treated in light clothing, please ensure clothing is loose and/or stretchy – jeans or tight/slippery clothing result in much less effective treatment.

have more Bowen Therapy questions ?

give Lisa a quick call or send an email using the contact details here.