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meet lisa – your Bowen therapist

Lisa’s journey with Bowen Therapy began over 12 years ago – from first experiencing the therapy and the results she felt, through learning the therapy, and then seeing the great results on others as a Bowen therapist.

Lisa first discovered Bowen Therapy following a minor car accident. Doctors tried to tell her that she didn’t have neck pain. Giving up on conventional medical treatment, a colleague recommended that Lisa try Bowen Therapy. It worked, not only for Lisa’s neck, but also with overall body alignment and posture.

Over the years, Bowen Therapy became Lisa’s treatment of choice.  She used it to improve bad posture from working in front of computers all day.  Bowen was also key for addressing sporting injuries, and to ensure Lisa’s body was in the best shape it could be for long hikes on Kokoda Track, Mt Kilimanjaro and Iceland’s Laugavegur Trail.  Lisa was determined to learn this amazing therapy and become a Bowen therapist.  The results she has seen in her own practice continue to reaffirm the effectiveness and the power of the technique.


Lisa has two key areas of interest with Bowen Therapy – both very personal to her.

Essential Tremor is in Lisa’s blood – well actually, her genes.  With her father having Essential Tremor, Lisa has a 50% chance of her own hands shaking as she gets older.  Lisa’s diploma research investigated how Bowen Therapy can help Essential Tremor.  Her interest in the area has since developed into a determination to dig deeper, to help more Essential Tremor sufferers.

Postural alignment and gait is Lisa’s other passion.  With a love of hiking and the outdoors, Lisa loves to help people move without pain or injury.  Not just for people who want to do long distance hikes or runs.  But people who might just want to be able to walk to the shop.  Lisa may be that person you see looking at other’s feet and knees on the train, or watching how people walk along the road near her coffee shop.

Lisa has her Diploma in Bowen Therapy – the result of Bowen study in both Australia and the UK.  From a past “life”, Lisa holds a bachelor degree in chemical engineering.  With too many years work in project management for large multinational companies, Lisa’s approach to body work remains a practical one…

When Lisa’s not helping clients, she’ll often be found bushwalking, fixing her old house, knitting, trying to grow vegetables or mastering sourdough bread.

Lisa is a member of both Bowen Association of Australia (BAA) and Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA).