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how can I help weak glutes ?

A while back a client had sciatic pain.  She’d had some help, who’d diagnosed gluteal problems. Later, she visited me – “how can you help weak glutes ?” She asked this knowing full well that it was never going to be just the glutes… In the first part of the blog, I covered what those […]

help ! I think i have weak glutes !

When I asked clients for blog topics they’d like to read about, one exclaimed “weak glutes”. “Help,” she said.  “I’m in pain and I’m told I have weak glutes.  Can you do anything to help ?”  And thus ensued a little conversation about how weak glutes are likely caused by tight somewhere else.  I think […]

golfer’s elbow – let Bowen help get you back on course

Golfer’s elbow should well have been given a different name.  For most people who suffer this type of elbow pain, it’s not golf that caused it. Like tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow is an over-use injury where the muscles in the forearm are affected.  This time, the flexor muscles attached to the medial epicondyle are impacted.  […]

knee pain – 6 problems that Bowen Therapy helps

Despite knee pain being a common problem among clients, it somehow rarely managed attention in any of my writing. Knee pain that clients arrive with has been highly varied.  For some it’s sharp knee pain, others dull aches.  For some it’s felt on stairs, while others it’s when walking on flat.  Sometimes it hurts more […]

the shoulder – at the mercy of the rest of the body

There’s been a few people see me with shoulder problems of late. Frozen, restricted movement, bursitis, torn muscles and ligaments… One client the other day was a little chatty and trying to understand things a little. “I have a frozen shoulder, so why do you care about my back and pelvis ?” So we chatted […]

sinusitis and sinus problems – relief in a natural way

Sinus infections and sinusitis are not only uncomfortable, but surprisingly common. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) claims that sinusitis to be “one of the most common primary care presentations in Australia”.  They quote that 1.4 in every 100 visits to the GP were for some form of sinusitis, and estimate that 1.9 […]

take a deep breath… now breathe…

Through December last year, the instruction I gave to most clients as they left was to breathe. There was a real spate of people with stiff necks and aching shoulders, who were a little on the stressed side (as appears to be the norm in December).  And that seems to have continued into the new […]

hay fever hay fever… you know how to do it !

ah, hay fever season ! For about 20% of the Australian population that means feeling blocked up, sneezing, and keeping that box of tissues handy ! Hay Fever, or more correctly allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction to plant or tree pollen.  If we want to be really correct, “hay fever” is caused by grass […]

5 types of headache that Bowen Therapy can help

Nearly everyone will experience a headache during their lifetime.  For many, medication can quickly resolve the problem, especially when headaches are only occasional.  For some, the headaches are more frequent or chronic, and reliance on pain-killers may not be a healthy way to continue. At any given time, 15% of Australians are taking pain-relieving medication […]

Plantar fasciitis – a pain in the heel

There’s a facebook group that I’m a member of that’s all about hiking and bushwalking in Australia.  All sorts of things are discussed, questions asked… places, packs, sleeping bags, boots… Recently the topic of plantar fasciitis was raised, and what boots did people recommend for those hikers who suffer it. Various brands of boots were […]

Multiple Sclerosis – Bowen can help the many symptoms

My first introduction to Bowen Therapy was through a work colleague who had multiple sclerosis. I’d had a minor car accident, resulting in an aching neck from whiplash that doctors weren’t interested in. Seeing me in pain, my colleague suggested I give Bowen Therapy a try. She had multiple sclerosis.  And while she was still […]

basketball – hoops and tight hips

Last weekend, I helped out at the local Police and Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) annual 3 on 3 basketball competition.  Players and spectators were able to receive complementary Bowen treatments. It was a great day !  Lots of talented kids, having lots of fun whether they were winning or not scoring as many points… Want […]

Fascia – I’ve got you under my skin !

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog about nerve receptors at work in Bowen treatment.  Many of those nerve receptors reside just under the skin in the layers of fascia.  I was tempted to delve into fascia at the time, but it’s a subject so fascinating that it warrants some focus in it’s own […]

Frozen shoulder – like sharp shards piercing the shoulder

Frozen shoulder can be a very painful and disabling condition The shoulder becomes increasingly stiff.  Shoulder movement becomes restricted.  Even simple movements such as fastening a bra or tucking a shirt into trousers become difficult or impossible.  The pain can be constant.  Concentrating on work can be difficult due to pain that doesn’t subside.  Pain […]

summer 2016 news

summer news… hot days at the beach and holidays !  that’s what summer’s about ! read how Simply Bowen Therapy can help you through summer, a holiday offer, and a simple summer feast… summer… hot sun on the skin, sand between the toes, diving under waves… holidays ! As we get to the end of […]

black dog, down in the dumps, the blues… depression

  depression November is Movember.  To finish the month where we focus on men’s health, we’re going to explore depression. Everyone feels sad or low or moody at times.  But depression is more than just a low mood.  Some people experience these feelings for long periods of time, and sometimes without any apparent reason.  It’s […]

the prostate – no longer secret men’s business

the prostate – no longer secret men’s business With November seeing the appearance of not-always-attractive facial hair thanks to “Movember”, focus is being turned to men’s health issues.  Movember aims to improve awareness and education of some of the most serious health issues affecting men.  Prostate cancer is one of the key focus areas. Prostate cancer […]